Company Profile

IRON CUBE is a company that takes its tooling seriously. We are a company that combines the best in tooling design and execution in a way that allows our customers to deliver the best for their own clientele. 

We started in Ningbo in 2008 and have expanded internationally and have been servicing clients ever since. Our clients have grown to know us for providing a total solution service to them and have grown a custom to the expert level service, experience and most importantly the expertise that IRON CUBE has provided for more than a decade of service to clients. 

We do this through a concept we call the IRON WAY, a concept that is born and bred through every employee here at IRON CUBE. 

Show Room

Our Factory Is the leading supplier of Wrench and Screwdriver, including Adjustable Wrench, Ratchet Wrench, Ratchet Screwdriver, Locking Pliers, Pipe Wrench and more.We are the maker of industry standards, we have advanced testing laboratory to guarantee the performance and quality of the production.